Benefits of Green Upholstery Cleaner Services

The furniture and fixtures in a house get great care when they are new. You almost don’t let a fly sit on them because you want them to be so clean. They are cleaned and vacuumed every now and then and so many things are done to ensure that they remain spotless. However, as time passed, you did not have the time to care for these fixtures anymore. They started getting dirty and there was a point when you didn’t even know how to clean them. That is the time when you found out that an upholstery cleaning service will get the job done properly.

Finding upholstery cleaner or a carpet cleaner can be easy, especially with so many companies around to provide such services. The problem is, most of these companies do not use eco-friendly products in their cleaning process. Eco-friendly carpet cleaning has become the new craze because everyone wants to avoid chemicals that harm the environment. There are many reasons why eco-friendly upholstery cleaning services have become so popular. Some of the reasons are given below:

• If you go behind the scenes to find out how the carpets of your fixtures are cleaned, you will find that there are several toxic ingredients and harsh chemicals that are used in the process. Chem-Dry is one company that has always focused on using organic chemicals that are not toxic in nature. They are made from ingredients that do not have detergents or phosphates in them. These are also safe for pets and children.

• The way in which a carpet cleaner or upholstery cleaner ( work is quite fascinating. They use a special technique that helps to clean the carpets quickly and they get dry in a few hours. But Chem-Dry has come up with a hot carbonation extraction technique that is very effective in removing germs, dirt, and bacteria from the carpets. Be it coffee stains or accumulated dust, everything will be cleaned in minutes with the help of this cleaning method. This method also uses less water when compared to the general carpet cleaning techniques. In fact, they are able to save almost 80% water while cleaning carpets through this method. One of the popular methods of carpet cleaning is the steaming method but the hot carbonation extraction has overtaken the steaming technique because of its greener approach.

• The cleaning solution that is used in cleaning the furniture and fixtures is also a deciding factor. This company uses carbonated cleaning solutions that have natural ingredients instead of synthetic and chemical compounds. It has also got a green-certificate which means it is proved that they are successful in implementing the greener methods in their cleaning process.

Cleaning the carpets do not take a lot of time but the drying does. However, Chem-Dry has a unique way of drying the carpets that hardly take an hour or 2 hours at the maximum to get dry. That is why their speedy and quality service has become so well-known to people.


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